Sunday, 13 May 2018

In the shadow of the owl

In the shadow of the owl
I stand
around me is an icy place
an endless space
the silent land
and in my hands
my dreams and memories
are jewels
or seeds of plenty waiting to be sown
the owl hoots once
and rises
disappearing into white
beneath my feet the earth gapes wide
revealing night
I can’t go back
the path is closed
I can’t stay here 
where nothing grows
I can’t go forward into black
where no-one goes 
no-one knows what’s there
but there’s no choice
I kiss my seeds of life goodbye
and as I cast them up
my arms outstretched to touch the sky
they shine fiery red against the snow
and flutter down like glowing petals 
on my face below
I take a breath
the earth yawns deep
the seeds fall in
and after them I leap


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